Model No.: QS 23 FT 001

PTFE Lined Rubber Expansion Joint, 10 Inch, 150 LB, ANSI B16.5, Carbon Steel Flange with Zinc Coating, Maximum temperature 120 degrees Celsius

Model No.: QS 24 F 001

ASTM A453 Gr 660 Stud Bolt and Nut, Class A, B, C and D, High Temperature Fastener, It’s a Precipitation Hardening, Austenitic Stainless Steel Designed For Use at Temperatures up to 1300°F (704°C), M42, Length 440mm

Model No.: QS 23 G 229

API 6A R Series CS Joint Gasket, R45, For 6 Inch, 900LB B16.5 Flange Sealing Connection, Surface Treatment Zinc Plated, Shape Oval, Max Hardness 120HB

Model No.: QS 23 G 227

API 6A Ring Joint Gasket, Carbon Steel, 120HB, RX Series, RX31 for 3 Inch 3000# Flanges High Pressure Sealing Service, With Zinc Coating

Model No.: QS 23 G 225

Type E Dielectric Flange Bolt Kit, Klingersil C4400, Dieletric Strength ASTM D149-95a, Manufactured with Aramid Fiber Reinforced with a Nitrile Binder. 6 Inch, 150LB, with G10 Sleeve and Washers and ZPS

Model No.: C4400 Dielectric Flange Kit

C4400 Dielectric Flange Kit, Klingersil,Type E with Bolt Holes, Complete with G10 Sleeve and Washers and ZPS, Size 4 Inch, Pressure 150LB, Working Environment Resistant to Oils, Water, Steam, Gases, Salt Solutions etc.

Model No.: QS 23 G 221

API 6A RX Joint Gasket, Ring Code RX 31, Material CS, Max Hardness 120 HB, With Anticorrosion Zinc Coating, For High Pressure Sealing Service

Model No.: QS 23 G 219

Carbon Steel Ring Joint Gasket, R Series, R31, Low Carbon Steel, Surface Treatment Zinc Plated, Hardness Max 120 HB, Standard API 6A

Model No.: QS 23 F 331

Hexagonal Head Jack Screw, Material ASTM A320 B8M CL.2, 316SS, ANSI B18.2.1, Size 1-1/2 Inch, Length: 95mm, Thread Unified National Coarse 8UN 2A