Products List

QS 23 F 223

Fasteners Bolts And Nuts, Hex Head Bolt with Hex Nut, Thread 7 UNC, Size 1-1/8 Inch, Length 80mm, Material A193 B8M CL.II / A194 8M, Used in Assembling and Maintaining Food Processing Machinery

QS 23 F 221

Hardware Nut Bolt, Material ASTM A320 Gr.L7, 2 Inch, Length 150mm, Surface Process Zinc-Nickel, Standard B18.31.2, Used in Construction and Reinforcement of Mining Tunnels

QS 23 F 219

Bolt Nut Fastener, Tap End Stud with Hex Nut, API 20E Bolting, Grade BSL-2, Size 1-1/8 Inch, Length 160mm, Thread 8 UNC, Zinc and Bichromated Plated, Used in The Construction and Repair of Pipelines for Oil, Gas, Water, or Other Substances.

QS 23 F 217

Big Bolts And Nuts, Size M90, Material ASTM A453 Gr.660 Class B, Manufacture Standard DIN 976, Length 960mm, Application Construction of Geothermal Power Plants

QS 23 F 215

High-Temperature Bolting, Material A453 Gr.660 A, Fully Thread Bolt with Nuts, M27, Length 185mm, Temperature Service Applications–High

QS 23 F 213

Industrial Bolts and Nuts, ASTM A453 Gr.660, API 20F Bolting, Size 1 Inch, Length 180mm, Use In High-temperature Service Such As Fasteners for Pressure Vessel and Valve Flanges

QS 23 F 211

High Tensile Bolt and Nut, 1-1/2", Length 360mm, ASTM B637 UNS N07718, API 6ACRA, Age-hardened Nickel-based Alloys for Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Equipment

QS 23 F 209

High Temperature Bolts, ASTM A453 GR.660 A, Bolt with 2 Heavy Hex Nuts, Size M27, Length 190mm, Full Thread Stud, Thread ISO 261, Design for Construction of Nuclear Power Plants

QS 23 F 203

B8 Bolts ASME B1.13M, Anti-corrosion Process PTFE Coated, Size M27, Thread Class 6G, Material Stainless Steel ASTM A193 B8, Length 320mm