Products List

QS 23 F 249

7/8 IN Hex Nut A 194 2H, 7/8 Inch, ASTM A194 2H, Thread 9UNC, Production Standard ANSI B18.2.2, PTFE Coated Blue/Red/Green/Yellow, Salt Spray 1500H No Red Rust

QS 23 F 247

DIN 934 Nut ASTM A193 B16, Surface Process Fluorocarbon Coated, Red Color, Size M30, Shape Hex, For High Corrosion Environment Service

QS 23 F 245

2H Nut API 20E BSL-3, API monogram, Heavy Hex Type, With Double Anti-corrosion Coating, First Layer Zinc Nickel, Top Layer Teflon 1070 Blue,Made in China

QS 23 F 243

Stud Tap End B7M Bolts, ASTM A193 B7M, With One Heavy Hex Nut, Anti-corrosion Coating Zinc Nickel + Xylan 1070, API 20E BSL-3 Bolting, Size 1-1/8 Inch, Length 7-1/2 Inch

QS 23 F 241

Threaded Bolts A193 B7M, HDG, Size 2-1/2 Inch, Length 150mm, 8UNC, Bolts are Used in the Assembly of Solar Panels and Supporting Structures

QS 23 F 239

Threaded Rod Bolts, ASTM A193 B7M, Anti-corrosion Treatment Xylan Coated, Size 1/2 Inch, Length 70mm, 13 UNC, Bolts are Essential in Shipbuilding, Dock Construction and Offshore Platform Setup, Supplier in China

QS 23 F 237

Stud Screw Bolt, Material ASTM A193 B16, Anti-corrosion Treatment First Layer Zinc-Nickel, Surface Teflon Coated, Size 1 Inch, Length 80mm, 8 UNC, Standard ANSI B18.31.2

QS 23 F 235

All Threads Bolts, A286, Material ASTM A453 Gr.660 Class A, Size M80, Length 900mm, Metric Thread, Used in the Construction and Maintenance of Oil Drilling Rigs and Platforms

QS 23 F 233

SS Bolt And Nut, Material ASTM A193 B8M CL.II, Strain Hardening, Size 3/4 Inch, Length 175mm, For Installation of the Equipment in the Offshore Oil and Gas Production System