QS 23 G 179

Garlock Flat Gasket, Size 32 Inch, Pressure 150LB, Gylon 3500, Standard ASME B16.47 B, Composition PTFE With Silica, Liquid Services Strong Acids, Hydrocarbons, Chlorine, Cryogenics etc

QS 23 G 177

Dielectric Flange Bolt Kit, 6 Inch, 150LB, Garlock Gylon 3500 Gasket, PTFE With Silica, Fluid Services Strong Acids / Steam /Solvents etc, Complete with G11 Sleeve, G11 Washers and ZPS

QS 23 G 175

Insulation Kit Type F, Size 3 Inch, 300 Class, Gasket Garlock Gylon 3500, G11 Sleeves and Washers, With Zinc Plated Washers, Standard ASME B16.5 Flange

QS 23 G 173

Bx154 Ring Gasket, Material Carbon Steel, Max Hardness 120HB, Surface Treatment Zinc Plated, For High Pressure and High Temperature Seal

QS 23 G 171

Non-Asbestos Gasket, Material Tesnit BA-U, Size DN200, Pressure PN16, Manufacture Standard EN1514-1, Gasket Thickness 2mm

QS 23 G 169

PTFE Bonded EPDM Gasket, 3 Inch, Full Face, ASME B16.21, Class 150 LB, The 100% Virgin PTFE is Bonded to EPDM Rubber Gasket for Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

QS 23 G 167

ANSI Flange Gasket, Size 2 Inch, Class 150LB, Material PTFE Bonded to EPDM, Standard ASME B16.21, For High Corrosion Resistance

QS 23 G 165

Non-asbestos Gasket, Size 4 Inch, Design Pressure 150LB, Brand Klinger, C4430, Standard ASME B16.21, High Quality, Excellent Chemical Resistance, China Factory

QS 23 G 163

Isolation Gasket, Non-asbestos, Klingersil C4430, Complete with G10 Sleeves & Washers and ZPS Steel Washer, 6 Inch, 150LB, Type E, For B16.5 FF Flange