QS 23 G 197
Pikotek VCS Gasket, HPG TYPE F, Retainer G10 with 316 Core and Viton Seal, Complete with PTFE Sleeves G10 Insulating Washers and Zinc Plated Steel Washers, RTJ, 12 Inch, 1500LB
QS 23 G 195
Cathodic Insulation Gasket Kit, Size 6 Inch, Retainer Gylon 3500, Silica Filled PTFE, 150LB, 300LB, Designed For Use with Strong Acids, Solvents, Hydrocarbons, and Other Aggressive Media, Type F
QS 23 G 193
Insulating Flange Kits, 2 Inch, Thermoseal, C4430 Retainer, Non-asbestos, 150LB, G10 Sleeves and Washers and ZPS, C-4430 is Resistant to Water and Steam at Higher Temperatures As Well As Oils, Gases, Fuels, etc.
QS 23 G 191
Type D Insulating Gasket Kit, Material Phenolic Retainer, 10 Inch, 600LB, RTJ, Oval, Complete with Isolating and Sealing Ring, Full Length Bolt Isolating Sleeves, and Two 1/8” Thick Steel Washer
QS 23 G 189
Garlock Gylon 3500 Flat Gasket, Material PTFE with Silica, ASME B16.20, 300LB, Thickness 3.2mm, 1/4 Inch, RF, Service Temperature Range Min. -268℃, Max. +260℃.
QS 23 G 187
Type F Insulation Gasket Kit, Size 6 Inch, 300LB, RF, With G11 Sleeves and Washers and ZPS Washers, Retainer Garlock Gasket Gylon 3500, For High Corrosion and High Temperature Service
QS 23 G 185
Flange Insulation Kits For Cathodic Protection, Retainer Material Garlock Gylon 3500, Complete with G11 Sleeves and Insulation Washers, ZPS Washers, 8 Inch, 300LB, For ASME B16.5 RF Flange
QS 23 G 183
Graphite Reinforce Gasket, Size DN200, Pressure PN25, RF, Manufacture EN 1514-1, Material RSB, 304, Thickness 3mm, Suitable for Steam, Mineral Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Hydraulic Oil, Fuel, Water, etc.
QS 23 G 181
Oval RTJ Gasket, Size R63, Material Carbon Steel, Surface Treatment Zinc-plated, Max Hardness 120HB, Shape Oval, Standard ANSI B16.20