QS 23 G 215

Garlock Isolation Gasket, Retainer Gylon 3500, G11 Sleeve, Type F, Size 10 Inch, 150LB, With G11 Isolation Washers and Zinc Plated Steel Washers, Standard ASME B16.5 RF

QS 23 G 213

Phenolic Insulation Gasket Kit, Phenolic Packing, Sealing with Nitrile O-ring, 4 Inch, 300LB, Type F, With G10 Sleeves and Washers and ZPS, Economic Choice for Low Pressure Service

QS 23 G 211

Gylon 3500 Dielectric Flange Kit, Garlock, PTFE with Silica, For Strong Acids, Solvents, Hydrocarbons and Other Corrosive Media, 8 Inch, Class 300LB, Type F, With Sleeves and Washers

QS 23 G 209

G10 Isolation Gasket, China Mill, Dielectric Flange Gasket, 2 Inch, 150LB, ASME B16.5, Type E, G10 Retainer PTFE Seal, Complete with Sleeves and Washers

QS 23 G 207

C4300 Insulation gasket kit, Kingersil Retainer, Cathodic Protection, 8 Inch, 150LB, Type F, With G10 Sleeves and Washers and ZPS, For Universal High-Pressure Service

QS 23 G 205

G11 Insulating Gasket Kit, G11 Sleeves, G11 Insulation Washers, Garlock Gylon 3500 Gasket Carrier, With Zinc Coated Steel Washers, 6 Inch, 150LB, ASME B16.5 WN RF

QS 23 G 203

Flange Isolation Kit, China Supplier, Type F, Garlock Gasket Carrier, Gylon 3500, 2 Inch, 150LB, with 4 Bolt Holes, Including G11 Sleeves and Insulation Washers and ZPS, For High Aggressive Environment Service

QS 23 G 201

Insulating Flange Gasket Kit, China Factory, For Cathodic Protection, Size 8 Inch, 300LB, Type F, Gasket Garlock Gylon 3500, With G11 Sleeves and Insulation Washers and ZPS, 3.2 mm Thickness

QS 23 G 199

Flange Insulating Gasket Kit, China Manufacturer, Phenol Carrier with Nitrile Seal for Natural Gas, With Sleeves and Washers, Size 4 Inch, DN100, Class 300LB, Type F, ANSI B16.5 RF