QS 23 G 192
Metal O Seal, O-Ring, Round Profile Type, Not Welded, Solid Metal Gasket, Material Soft Iron, Size OD 106mm, ID 90mm, Width 8mm
QS 23 G 190
API Ring Joint Gasket, RX Series, RX47, SS316L, Design Pressure 5000PSI, Application at Elevated Temperature and Pressures
QS 23 G 188
Seal Ring Metal, Style RX, Size RX-54, Design for Pressurized Systems, Pressure 5000 PSI, RTJ, Material Soft Iron, Manufacture Standard API
QS 23 G 186
RX Ring Gasket, Material AISI 316L, Size RX23, RX Design Improves the Efficiency of the Seal, Manufacture Standard ASME and API
QS 23 G 184
Ring Joint Flange Gasket, Material Soft Iron, Max Hardness 90HB, Shape Octagonal, Size 923mm x 851mm x 54mm x 18.83mm
QS 23 G 182
Oval Ring Joint, R Series, Size R31, Material Low Carbon Steel (CS), Surface with Zinc Coating, Manufactured According to ASME B16.20
QS 23 G 180
Metal O Ring Gasket, Round Shape, O-type, Material SS316, Solid Metal Gasket without Welded, ID 344mm, OD 370mm, Width 13mm
QS 23 G 178
Kammprofile Gasket For Heat Exchanger, Material SS316L Filled with Flexible Graphite, Size ID 770mm x OD 735mm x THK 4mm
QS 23 G 176
Non Metallic Flat Gasket, PTFE, Size 8 Inch, Thickness 3 mm, Class 150LB, Suitable for RF Flange, Manufacture Standard ANSI B16.21