QS 23 G 174

Spiral Seal ANSI B16.20 Gasket, Size 5 Inch, Class 1500#, Material of Ring AISI 304 Inner and CS Outer with Epoxy Coating, AISI 304 Hoop Filled with FG

QS 23 G 172

Metal Flange Gasket, Style R, BX Style, RX Style, Design According to Manufacture Standard ASME B16.20 and API 6A, Material Steel Family are Available

QS 23 G 170

Joint Gaskets, RTJ Ring, R Series, Shape Oval and Octagonal all available, Size Range R11-R105, Class 150LB-10,000PSI, Standard ANSI B16.20

QS 23 G 168

Flexitallic CGI, Gasket Spiral, 24 Inch, Design Pressure 900LB, Stainless Steel 304 Inner and Outer Ring, SS304 Strip Filled with Flexible Graphite

QS 23 G 166

Metal O Ring Seals Manufactured According to Client’s Specification, Outside 207.7mm, Not-Welded, Solid Metal Gasket,O-ring Type, Material SS316

QS 23 G 164

Flexitallic CG Gasket Designed According to ASME B16.20, Size 6 Inch, Design Pressure 150LB, Carbon Steel Outer Ring Epoxy Coated, Without Inner Ring

QS 23 G 162

Metal Wound Gasket CGI Type Designed According to ASME B16.20, Size 8 Inch, Design Pressure 900LB, SS304 Hoop Filled with Flexible Graphite

QS 23 G 160

Solid Metal Gasket, R Series, R69, Oval Shape, Size 18 Inch, Class 300LB/600LB, Material AISI 410, Design for RTJ Flange Seal, Standard ASME B16.20

QS 23 G 158

Octagonal RTJ Gasket, R Series, R58, Size 12 Inch, Class 1500LB, Material SS347, Design for High Pressure Flange Seal