Model No.: QS 23 F 246
1 Inch Nut Sa 194 Gr.2H, Heavy Hex Type, Standard API 20E, Grade BSL 1, Thread 8 UNC, Surface Treatment Zinc Coating
Model No.: QS 23 F 244
3 Inch Nut A194 2HM, Heavy Hex Type, Size 3 Inch, Material ASTM A194 2HM, Standard ASME B18.2.2, Surface Black Oxide
Model No.: QS 23 F 242
Xylan Coated Metal Hex Nut, Heavy Type, Size 7/8 Inch, Material ASTM A194 2H, Surface Finish Xylan Coated Red PTFE, Standard API 20E
Model No.: QS 23 F 240
M64 Nut ASME B18.2.4.6M, Hex Shape, Material S32760, Compliance With NACE MR 0175, ISO 15156, ASTM A262 Method E
Model No.: QS 23 F 238
1/2" Galvanized Nuts ANSI B18 2.2, Heavy Hex, Thread 13 UNC, Material A194 2H, Compliance With NACE MR-0175/ISO 15156
Model No.: QS 23 F 236
1 Inch Nut And Bolt, Hex Nut with Double End Thread Stud, Surface Coating Yellow Zinc and Bichromate, Material A193 B7/ A194 2H, Production Standard API 20E BSL2
Model No.: QS 23 F 234
M18 A4 70 Nut, Stainless Steel Hex Nut, Dimension M18, Material A4 70, Manufactured According to DIN 934
Model No.: QS 23 F 232
4 Inch Nut A194 7, Thread 8 UNC, Class 2B, HRC 24-34, Size 4 Inch, Hex Type, Material ASTM A194 Gr.7, Produced According to API 20 E BSL2
Model No.: QS 23 F 230
M12 Stainless Steel Nuts, Hex Type, Standard ISO 4033, Material ASTM A194 Gr.8M, Thread Class 6H