Model No.: QS 23 F 255
SA 193 B8M Bolt, Material ASTM A193 B8M Class 2, Size 1 Inch, Thread 8UN, Double End Thread Stud, Length 210 mm, Standard ANSI B18.31.2, Used in Assembling Food Processing Equipment
Model No.: QS 23 F 253
Hex Nut ISO 4032, Material A194 Grade 7M, XYLAN 1070 Coated Green Color, Size M12, It Used to Oil and Gas Pipeline Installation
Model No.: QS 23 F 251
3/4 IN Galvanized Nuts, Size 3/4 Inch, Finish Galvanized Yellow, Material ASTM A194 Grade 7, Thread 10 UNC, Standard ANSI B18.2.2, Bolts and Nuts are Essential in Offshore Platform Setup
Model No.: QS 23 F 249
7/8 IN Hex Nut A 194 2H, 7/8 Inch, ASTM A194 2H, Thread 9UNC, Production Standard ANSI B18.2.2, PTFE Coated Blue/Red/Green/Yellow, Salt Spray 1500H No Red Rust
Model No.: QS 23 F 247
DIN 934 Nut ASTM A193 B16, Surface Process Fluorocarbon Coated, Red Color, Size M30, Shape Hex, For High Corrosion Environment Service
Model No.: QS 23 F 245
2H Nut API 20E BSL-3, API monogram, Heavy Hex Type, With Double Anti-corrosion Coating, First Layer Zinc Nickel, Top Layer Teflon 1070 Blue,Made in China
Model No.: QS 23 F 243
Stud Tap End B7M Bolts, ASTM A193 B7M, With One Heavy Hex Nut, Anti-corrosion Coating Zinc Nickel + Xylan 1070, API 20E BSL-3 Bolting, Size 1-1/8 Inch, Length 7-1/2 Inch
Model No.: QS 23 F 241
Threaded Bolts A193 B7M, HDG, Size 2-1/2 Inch, Length 150mm, 8UNC, Bolts are Used in the Assembly of Solar Panels and Supporting Structures
Model No.: QS 23 F 239
Threaded Rod Bolts, ASTM A193 B7M, Anti-corrosion Treatment Xylan Coated, Size 1/2 Inch, Length 70mm, 13 UNC, Bolts are Essential in Shipbuilding, Dock Construction and Offshore Platform Setup, Supplier in China