Products List

QS 23 G 157

Dielectric Flange Gasket, Retainer Klingersil C4430, Type E, 150LB, Size 4 Inch, Design According to B16.5 FF Flange, Cathodic Protection, Complete with Sleeve and Washers

QS 23 G 155

Flange Electrical Isolation Kit, with Bolt Holes E Type, Size 8 Inch, Design to Withstand Corrosive Environment, 150 LB, Non Asbestos Gasket C4430 with G10 Sleeve and Washers.

QS 23 G 153

Cathodic Protection Isolation Kits, Non Asbestos Gasket C4430, G10 Sleeve and Washers, ZPS Steel Washer, Size 12 Inch, Design Pressure 150 LB, Type E, For ASME B16.5 Flange

QS 23 G 151

Flange Bolt Isolation Kit, Design to Guarantee the Safe Flow of Fluids Passing Through Pipeline Transmission, Type E, Diameter 2 Inch, Working Pressure 150 LB, Carrier Disc Gasket C4430, G10+ ZPS Washers

QS 23 G 149

Dielectric Bolt Kit, Size 12 Inch, Design Pressure 150LB, Material for Carrier Kingersil C4430, Manufacture Standard ASME B16.5 FF, With G10 Sleeve and Washers

QS 23 G 147

Klinger Insulation Kit, Dimension 6 Inch, Design Pressure 150 LB, Material Isolation Gasket C4430, With G10 Sleeves and G10 Washers and Zinc Plated Steel Washers, FF Type E

QS 23 G 145

Type E Insulating Gasket kit, Klinger C4430, G10 Sleeve, G10 Washers, Dimension 8 Inch, Pressure 150LB, Material C4430 Gasket, Parts G10+G10+ZPS

QS 23 F 282

M20 Hex Nut ASTM A194 7M, Teflon Coated Red,Thread Standard ASME B1.13M, Metric Thread Class 6H, Application For the Construction and Maintenance of Mining Equipment

QS 23 F 280

Nut A2 70, Manufactured Standard DIN934, Material Stainless Steel 304, Metric Thread, Dimension 1/2 Inch, In Oil and Gas Industry Bolts and Nuts Play a Critical Role in Ensuring the Integrity of High-pressure Systems