Model No.: QS 23 FG 75

ASME B16.5 BL Flange, Material SS304, 4 Inch, 150LB, RF AARH 125-250, ASTM A182 F304, Forged, China Manufacturer, Blind Flange Used to Terminate a Piping System

Model No.: QS 23 FG 73

ASME B16.5 SO Flange, Size 2 Inch, Class 150LB, Material ASTM A182 F316L, Raised Face, Slip On Flange Used to Connecting Pipes in Various Construction Effectively.

Model No.: QS 23 G 195

Cathodic Insulation Gasket Kit, Size 6 Inch, Retainer Gylon 3500, Silica Filled PTFE, 150LB, 300LB, Designed For Use with Strong Acids, Solvents, Hydrocarbons, and Other Aggressive Media, Type F

Model No.: QS 23 G 193

Insulating Flange Kits, 2 Inch, Thermoseal, C4430 Retainer, Non-asbestos, 150LB, G10 Sleeves and Washers and ZPS, C-4430 is Resistant to Water and Steam at Higher Temperatures As Well As Oils, Gases, Fuels, etc.

Model No.: QS 23 G 191

Type D Insulating Gasket Kit, Material Phenolic Retainer, 10 Inch, 600LB, RTJ, Oval, Complete with Isolating and Sealing Ring, Full Length Bolt Isolating Sleeves, and Two 1/8” Thick Steel Washer

Model No.: QS 23 G 189

Garlock Gylon 3500 Flat Gasket, Material PTFE with Silica, ASME B16.20, 300LB, Thickness 3.2mm, 1/4 Inch, RF, Service Temperature Range Min. -268℃, Max. +260℃.

Model No.: QS 23 G 187

Type F Insulation Gasket Kit, Size 6 Inch, 300LB, RF, With G11 Sleeves and Washers and ZPS Washers, Retainer Garlock Gasket Gylon 3500, For High Corrosion and High Temperature Service

Model No.: QS 23 G 185

Flange Insulation Kits For Cathodic Protection, Retainer Material Garlock Gylon 3500, Complete with G11 Sleeves and Insulation Washers, ZPS Washers, 8 Inch, 300LB, For ASME B16.5 RF Flange

Model No.: QS 23 FG 71

Stainless Steel SO Flange, Class 150LB, Face RF, Size 2 Inch, Material ASTM A182 F304, SS304, Process Method Forged, Manufacture Standard ANSI B16.5, Connected to Equipment or Pipe by Fillet Weld Directly.