QS 23 F 146
20mm Threaded Rod, M20 Fully Thread Stud Bolt, Length 85 mm, ASTM A193 B7, With Protection Coating Hot Dip Galvanized Coating (HDG) According to ASTM A153
QS 23 F 182
Double Ended Threaded Bar, High Strength Stud Made According to API 20E BSL 2, ASTM A193 B7, Size 1-7/8 IN, 8 UNC, Class 2A, Length 115 mm, Zn Coating Yellow
QS 23 F 184
Double Headed Stud, Big Size Stud, Partial Threaded, 3 Inch, API 20E Bolting, Length 330 mm, Thread 8 UNC, Material ASTM A193 BM CL.2
QS 23 F 162
Threaded Metal Rod, Double End Thread, API 20E BSL 2 Bolting, Size 1-1/8 IN, Length 5.75 IN, Thread 8 UN, Class 2A, Material ASTM A193 B7, Yellow Zinc Coating
QS 23 F 148
M24 Threaded Bar, Thread According to ISO261, Length 130 mm, Material A320 Grade L7, Design Temperature at -52 deg℃, Electrical Zinc Coating
QS 23 F 144
16mm Threaded Rod, Metric Thread Stud Bolt, Dimension M16, 70mm Long, Material ASTM A193 Gr B7M, Thread Class 6G
QS 23 F 142
1/2" All Thread Rod Design for ASME B16.5 Flanges, Total length 80mm including chamfer, 13 UNC, Material ASTM A320 L7M
QS 23 F 140
M12 Threaded Bar, Fully Threaded High Strength Bolt, Total Length 70 mm, Material ASTM A193 B7, Black Finish
QS 23 F 138
1/2 Inch Threaded Rod, Fully Threaded, Total Length 60 mm Including Chamfer, Thread Standard B1.1,ASTM A320 L7M for Low Temperature Service, Black Finish